25 Jan 2013

The Fraudulent Client


Many years ago we began a professional relationship with one of the area’s major hospital systems. They were undergoing a name change and re-brand as hospital systems do. Our client contact was a young, good looking, hip dude. We all thought he was wonderful. As the months went by and we got to know him […]

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15 Jan 2013

I Love New Bid-ness!

Agency Life MAD MEN

If there were a new business consultant’s Hall of Fame, Stuart Sanders from Richmond, VA, would be on the first ballot. I first met Stuart when I attended an Ad Club “Early-Bird” breakfast at which Stuart spoke. He told the story of an ad agency that had pitched an account to a prospect and had […]

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27 Nov 2012

It’s #givingtuesday

No Tags Nonprofit

There’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday—all devoted to the great American pastime of getting and spending. Nothing wrong with that—it’s all good. The economy needs the boost. But today is Giving Tuesday, founded by the American Red Cross along with other U.S. charities. And today is our opportunity to start a habit […]

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14 Nov 2012

Mad Men Battle the Elements

No Tags Agency Life MAD MEN

Tales From a Mad Man One in an Irregular Series Many years ago, after I had assumed the presidency of Williams Whittle at the tender age of 27, the fellow who had sold his shares to me bought a sailboat. It was a beautiful Hinckley Bermuda 40, christened Prime Time. The fellow in question was […]

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30 Oct 2012

The Mayor of Hollywood

No Tags Agency Life MAD MEN

Tales from a Mad Man One in an Irregular Series     Johnny Grant was the Mayor of Hollywood from 1980 til his death in 2008. Since Hollywood is a neighborhood, not a city, the position of Mayor is honorary and ceremonial. Other Mayors of Hollywood have included Charlton Heston, Monty Hall and Betty White […]

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22 Oct 2012

Tales from a Mad Man

No Tags Agency Life

One of an Irregular Series By Rob Whittle| President & CEO Williams Whittle THE YAWNER A few years ago, before Williams Whittle’s focus turned to the nonprofit sector, we handled a major after-market automotive account. Things were going swimmingly over a 3-year stretch. Sales were up; market share was increasing. Life was good. Then, the […]

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3 Aug 2012

Gore Vidal and Me

No Tags Random Thoughts

In 1990 I traveled to Singapore for an ad agency Network meeting. After Singapore, I made plans to spend a few days in both Hong Kong and Bangkok. Bangkok was then—and no doubt still is—a crazy place. It was the loudest, most raucous, smoggiest and most fascinating city I had ever seen. To call the […]

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20 Apr 2012

Digital: When should you use a specialist and when should you use a generalist?

No Tags Digital

The short answer is that you should always use a specialist if you can. Strange as that may seem coming from a full service marketing communications agency, it’s absolutely the truth. The better question is, when should you go directly to a digital specialist and when should you go for one-stop shopping?

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15 Feb 2012

Should Nonprofits Follow the Same Laws of Marketing as Commercial Ventures?

No Tags Monthly Newsletter Random Thoughts

There’s a famous business-to-business ad from one of the great copywriters back in the 1950s. The visual is of a dour old man in suit and bow tie staring challengingly into the camera. The text goes like this: I don’t know who you are I don’t know your company I don’t know your company’s product […]

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