21 Jul 2017

Content That Motivates In a Mobile-First World

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2017 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference Recap Adva Priso of Anne Lewis Strategies and Jennifer Gmerek of Conservation International presented a session chock full of specific examples of content that motivates action. Ms. Priso believes that effective content must align with your “North Star” (i.e. what your organization represents) and tells the story that only you […]

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5 May 2017

Powerful and Practical Social Media: Facebook for Nonprofits

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Nonprofits are always struggling with getting noticed. One of the best ways to get noticed is through social media, but it’s also one of the hardest. So how do you get through the noise? Our Powerful and Practical Social Media series helps you break through to get your message heard! What’s your purpose (on social)? […]

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28 Apr 2017

Free and Easy Data Tools For Nonprofit Marketing

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Great marketing requires great data. Before you launch a new marketing campaign, it is vital to get insight into your audience, which requires research. This blog post will walk you through my three favorite data tools that inform my nonprofit marketing. US Census The Census, done every ten years, is the most important data our […]

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27 Jul 2016

Three Steps to Improve your Nonprofit Newsletter

Posted by Digital

The nonprofit e-newsletter is an essential piece of how your nonprofit communicates with its supporters. It can be a perfect way for you to provide useful, directed content to your audience to keep them engaged. Or, it can bore your audience, and get sent directly to the trash. Here are three steps to improve your […]

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31 May 2016

Web Collab Tools: Basecamp vs. Asana vs. Trello

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In March I wrote about the wide field of online collaboration tools. I promised a deeper dive into my favorite group of those tools, those focused on project management. Having tested out Asana on a full-fledged client project, revisited Basecamp, and continued work in Trello, I am ready to share my notes and votes! The […]

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26 Apr 2016

Creating a content marketing roadmap

Posted by No Tags Digital

Creating a content marketing roadmap is ultimately about generating content that people will want to read and that will build positive equity for your brand.  So, where do you start? Anyone can dump a bunch of ideas down on paper, but it all starts with a strategy. We do this for every one of our […]

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7 Apr 2016

Three Reasons You Should Be Using Videos in Your Content Marketing Strategy

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If you recently scrolled through Facebook or Twitter you probably saw about 15-20 videos in your feed.  You’ve probably seen everything from how to make one pan lasagna to Bao Bao rolling in the snow (in case you missed it). It seems like second nature to see videos now. So naturally, businesses have started to use […]

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5 Apr 2016

5 Hashtag #Mistakes your Nonprofit May be Making

Posted by No Tags Digital Social Media

Hashtags are so commonplace now, they’ve become a part of daily life (at least on the internet). They are a quick, easy way to join an existing conversation and amplify your message to even more people. However, if you don’t use them strategically, they could be hurting you, rather than helping you. Here are some […]

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21 Mar 2016

Web Collaboration and Project Management Tools

Posted by Digital

If you have not already started exploring web tools to enhance, simplify, or fix your work communications and team collaboration, you may be suffering unnecessarily. There are, roughly, zillions of tools, out there to facilitate document sharing and versioning, to improve instant messaging, to schedule, assign, and explain project tasks, and, actually, to establish and […]

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7 Mar 2016

The Evolution of Digital Advertising

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Even though we’re not web developers, it’s something we talk about all the time when we’re planning digital marketing campaigns. When display advertising (think web banners) was ramping up in the late 90s, its focus was not user experience (UX) but about getting the most impressions and clicks by displaying more ads on more websites. […]

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