But first a quick intro.

I suppose I’m not old enough yet to try to be secretive about my age.  So, here’s a quick story that might be revealing enough. When Twitter first came on the scene and was rising in popularity, I refused to even entertain the idea of joining because it seemed too much like AOL IM.  Yes, I said it; AOL IM. I lived and breathed IM in college.  I couldn’t take a shower or walk to get sushi for lunch without posting an away message telling all of my “friends” where and what I was doing. And now that I was a working professional a couple years out of college, I was so over it. I was not even remotely interested in joining Twitter.

Until two summers ago, armed with an iPad and a week at the beach, I decided to jump in and started exploring brand interaction. I thought it was a great tool to voice my love (or my annoyance) with brands. I had a lot of fun.

In early 2012, when our agency decided to focus solely on nonprofits, I thought Twitter might be a great tool to get even more connected. With almost a decade of nonprofit account work under my belt, I had a lot to share and still a lot to learn. And so – it turns out Twitter has a bustling community of nonprofit marketers who constantly share and disseminate relevant nonprofit information. And I’d like to think I’m one of those in the mix. So, follow me @jrodmcd and the ones from below.

Onto the resources.

To follow up on Heather Mansfield’s blog entitled “29 Nonprofit Resources to Follow on Twitter”, I present to you 20 of my top resources on Twitter.

  1. @NonProfitBlogs – updates from the best nonprofit blogs
  2. @NonprofitRT – nonprofit news from the DC metro region
  3. @NonProfitDaily – resources and news
  4. @phijo – Philanthropy Journal from Institute of NP at NC State University
  5. @bigduck – a fellow nonprofit communications agency
  6. @pamelagrow – all about nonprofit fundraising (her email newsletter “The Grow Report” is a very useful weekly resource)
  7. @joewaters – cause marketing go-to/has a great pinterest page with cause marketing resources
  8. @redroostergroup – a fellow nonprofit branding agency
  9. @501videos – I don’t know how he does it, but Chris Davenport produces weekly videos on nonprofit fundraising. And they are GOOD.
  10. @AOLimpact – how AOL is contributing to causes
  11. @CauseCampaigns – tweets are only about cause campaign advertising campaigns
  12. @WiltonBlake – all about nonprofit storytelling
  13. @WildApricot – nonprofit news
  14. @Razoo – fundraising connection with nonprofit news from all over the web
  15. @CauseComm – another fellow nonprofit communications agency
  16. @DoGooder – daily email with a nonprofit video (PSAs, long form) from all over the world
  17. @Looktothestars – catalog of celebrity and cause partnerships
  18. @NPHub – the hub of nonprofit news from all over the web
  19. @PhilanthropyInk – Jen Price shares about nonprofit tech, fundraising and general news
  20. @TweetCMF – Cause marketing forum on twitter


And of course, don’t forget @williamswhittle. Our handle is new, but our nonprofit experience is 20+ years deep.