This year’s annual PSA Preference Survey* of 1,425 TV and radio stations, Williams Whittle’s PSA station contacts have identified the top 10 most important factors in getting your PSA on air.

10. While there has been a significant leap towards digital preference in the past year, we suggest a dual distribution approach of both hard copy and digital offerings. 41% of TV stations and 30% of radio stations said that by sending digital only would decrease the likelihood of the PSA getting on air.

9. The majority of stations prefer an evergreen message. 62% of TV stations and 47% of radio stations prefer a long live period.

8. If you have a time-specific message (like event or holiday-related), 70% of stations say to send it a few months (minimum one month) before your request for airing.

7. Promote your PSA during times when the subject matter is relevant in the news. (Like a flu message in the pre-winter, drunk driving before prom season and disaster relief pre-Hurricane season.) 80% of stations say they will purposely place a PSA on air based on its relevancy in the news.

6. Get your PSA in the hands of PSA Directors before Q1 hits; best time November-December. Overall, stations indicated that they had the most inventory for PSA airings in January and February.

5. Find a way to stand out. 9 out of 10 stations say they receive anywhere from 10-20 PSAs a week.

4. Creative quality counts. It’s “their” airwaves and they want to be proud of what they air.

3. Be sure your PSA is appealing at a local level. A message about swamp preservation may work well in the south, but not in the Midwest. PSA Directors want the content to be relevant to their audience.

2. PSA Directors want flexibility. Provide PSAs in all different lengths (:10, :15, :30, :60, :90) so that no matter the need, your message will fit (especially when others don’t).

1. Nurture relationships with the PSA “gatekeepers.” Most PSA Directors will keep a PSA message in rotation for 1-6 months. And 24% will keep it in for up to 12 months!

Want more stats to share with your coworkers? Download your copy of the entire survey results here!

[download file=”wp-content/uploads/2013/05/2013-Williams-Whittle-PSA-Survey-Results-FINAL.pdf” title=”2013 PSA Preference Survey Results”]

* The annual PSA Preference Survey was distributed to approximately 1,425 TV and radio stations nationwide from Williams Whittle’s proprietary PSA database in March 2013.