A graphic recording is the visual illustration of a presentation. Not only is it a great way to engage the audience, it’s a real crowd pleaser. After the presentation is over, the audience can come up and take pictures of the completed board with the infographic to share on social media.

Williams Whittle Team (from left to right Glaelis Sierra-Gomez, Eva Day, Kelly Callahan-Poe and Rob Whittle), at the 2018 AMA for Nonprofits Conference in Washington D.C.

2018 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference July 16 – 18

Graphic recordings drawn by our Creative Director of the main points made by guests speakers at the American Marketing Association Nonprofit Conference in Washington D.C.


Keynote: How We Heal

Speakers: Bridgid Bonner, CXO, CaringBridge and David McLain, Photographer

Notes: How We Heal. How CaringBridge used content to advance their mission, establish thought leadership, and generate donations using real stories from real people packaged in a multi-platform experience.

Communications Integration–A Tour de Force Campaign to Engage Key Audiences

Speakers: Caroline H. Fuchs, Director of Communications and Marketing and Gabby Wright, Manager of Marketing and Creative Services, Lung Cancer Alliance

Notes: Communications Integration – A Tour de Force Campaign to Engage Key Audiences. How Lung Cancer Alliance uses mind mapping to establish its strategies and tactics to speak to its various target audiences (women, legislators, influencers & allies, staff & leadership) in terms that matter to them.

Decoding GenZ: No, They Don’t Watch Cat Videos All Day, But Will They Save Our Country?

Speakers: Aria Finger, CEO,

Notes: Decoding Gen Z. How inspires Gen Z. 5 Rules to live by: The cause doesn’t matter, but fairness does. Fight for the user. Don’t give people choices. Foster connections. Use FOMO.

From ‘Goods’ to Great: Turning Toy Donations into Dollars that Make a Real Impact

Speakers: Anthony Ruth, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, and Jenaeth Markaj, Donor Relations Officer, One Hope United

Notes: From Goods to Great – Turning Toy Donations into dollars that make a real impact. How One Hope United turned toy donation into a gift giving experience with its illustrated wishbook and nearly tripled donations.

Success and Failure Using Facebook Live

Speakers: Chad Sisneros, Managing Director, The Humane Society of the United States

Notes: Success & Failure Using FB Live – Chad Sisneros from The Humane Society of the United States gives practical tips from technical challenges, equipment, and timing to audience engagement, advocacy and fundraising to make your event a success.

Teach For America’s Transformative Digital & Brand Marketing Journey

Speakers: Peter Petralia, Modern Craft, and Whitney Petersmeyer, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Teach For America

Notes: Teach For America’s Transformative Journey provides 10 lessons to help you change in key ways to gain a competitive advantage.

Attracting Donors Online

Speakers: Michelle Hurtado, Head of Google Ad Grants

Notes: Attracting Donors Online: How Google Ad Grants connects people to causes with $10K per month in free advertising.

Guiding the Rebrand: One Nonprofit’s (Deliberate, Inspiring) Journey Launching a New Brand Platform

Speakers: Stephen Schenkenberg, Vice President of Communications & Marketing, Forest Park Forever

Notes: Guiding the Rebrand: One nonprofit’s (deliberate, inspiring) journey launching a new brand platform. How Forest Park Forever expanded its donor base through a rebrand.

Noses On: How Red Nose Day USA Grew from Newcomer to a National Event in Just Four Years

Speakers: Janet Scardino, CEO, Comic Relief USA

Notes: #NosesOn: How Red Nose Day USA grew from a newcomer to a national event in just four years. Comic Relief USA shares insights on creating a successful fundraising campaign that generated over 50% brand awareness and raised $145 million in four years.

2017 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference July 10 – 12

Graphic recordings drawn by our Creative Director of the main points made by guests speakers at the American Marketing Association Nonprofit Conference in Washington D.C.


Shaping the Story: How Data Visualization Brings Nonprofit Marketing to Life

Speakers: Thomas Sanchez, Founder and CEO of Social Driver

Does My Nonprofit Need Rebranding to Excel?

Speakers: Jim Heininger, Founder/Principal of Dixon/James Communications and Cristy Harris, Director of Coordinated Entry of Housing Forward

Engaging Innovation and Technology Successful Consumer Best Practices In Innovation and Marketing Technology: What Marketers at Nonprofits Can Learn

Speaker: Michael A. Buczkowski, CMO, UCLA


See It to Be It: How Communicators are Fighting Bias

Speaker: Lisa Sherman, President and CEO of Ad Council

Make-A-Wish: Building and Connecting with a Global Community

Speaker: John Vranas, Chief Strategy Officer of Make-A-Wish International

Fostering a Marketing Culture: They’re Not Your Consumers, They’re You’re Audience

Speaker: Alex Rodriguez, Senior Director of Communications from United Way of New York City

Our Blog Post: The Make-A-Wish Foundation Makeover

A Poem, A Gospel Song, and a Prime Minister: The Keys to Fueling a Global Movement

Speaker: Martha Adams, Chief Creative Officer from Girl Rising

Engage For Good Conference 2017

Graphic recordings created in real time by our Associate Creative Director Eva Day of the guest speakers at the Engage For Good Conference in Chicago, IL.

How to 10x the Impact of Your Cause Marketing with Content Marketing

Speaker Joe Waters from Selfish Giving

Nudging for Good: The Route to Successful Corporate Social Marketing

Speaker Jonathan Asher from Perception Research Services

Focus On Purpose & Employee Engagement With PwC

Speaker Shannon Schuyler of PwC LLP

Our Blog Post: Engage For Good Conference 2017

Golden Halo Awards for Nonprofit and Business

Recipients Craig Kielburger of WE (Nonprofit) and Victoria Dinges of Allstate (Business)

How to Find and Connect With the Right Partners

Speakers Maureen Carlson and Brittany Hill

Focus On Consumer Engagement

Conversations With Target & Susan G. Komen, Christina Alford, and Jennifer Silberman

Business On a Mission: A Global View

Speaker Andy Last of Salt Communications

Check back here for photos and PDFs of all the graphic representations taken at the American Marketing Association Nonprofit Marketing Conference!

Here is the first Keynote Presentation by Aaron Sherinian

Ashernian Presentation AMANP

Keynote Presentation Number 2 for the day: Pushing The Boundaries of Your Brand by Dawn Rodney

Pushing the boundaries of your brand

Here is the first Keynote Presentation on Tuesday: Taking a Risk and Making History by Anastasia Khoo

Anastasia Khoo Taking a Risk and Making History

Here is a Breakout Session Presentation: Building a Charismatic Brand by Jennifer GoodSmith

Jennifer GoodSmith Mortem Arboretum AMA presentation

The NonProfit Marketer of the Year Session Presentation: Creating the First Tobacco-Free by Nicole Dorrler

Creating the first tobacco free generation - Nicole Dorrler

And last, but not least, nonprofit marketer extraordinaire Beth Kanter‘s speech about the happy, healthy nonprofit marketer.

Beth Kanter's AMA presentation on the happy healthy nonprofit marketer

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