Ahh, yes, the holidays! If you are like us, you will start receiving and giving holiday gifts and cards to and from your accounts. But one thing we’ve noticed is that we always receive a few of the same things — food and wine!

And while we’d never complain about receiving either of those things, we’ve realized we don’t get to fully share them as a team. So, for the last two years in a row, we’ve given away gifts with multiple pieces and parts.

In 2016, we decided to give our clients a “Giving Tree!”

We went with this theme for an array of reasons.

The first being that this is shareable. Our clients were able to share the gift cards with multiple members of their team. Once the gift cards were removed from the tree, our clients were then able to use the tree as holiday décor if they chose to.

This year we went with a wreath! Same concept, different executions.

Both years, the gifts have been a success!

Tips for gift giving:

  1. Create a budget and then account for all clients you are sending gifts to. If your budget is small, a handwritten note in a nice card goes a long way.
  2. Never give perishable items to someone if you aren’t aware of their vacation schedule.
  3. Be conscious of the type of gift you’re giving to the type of client you’re giving it to. A health-conscious company will probably not want a gift basket of chocolate chip cookies. (I do, but I understand why they wouldn’t!)
  4. When in doubt, always send non-religious/non-descript holiday items.
  5. Have fun! ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

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