You’re probably heard, “Print is dead.” I’m talking in the headlines and not from the mouth of a teenage kid. As the pendulum has swung (and seems like it may be stuck) in the direction of everything digital, all the time, it may be just the thing print needs to make a comeback.

If you’re a marketer working at an Association or Nonprofit, you’ve probably had to defend and/or cut back on your budgets for print communications. When money is tight, that’s usually the first thing to go. But, make sure the cut is not done in haste. I’d argue that print is still alive, but looking for a different place to take root.

One of our clients recently did a survey of their membership, a majority of which are ages 50+. Nearly 60% of the members said they read every issue of the print newsletter. And 87% read it from cover to cover! While those stats may not be surprising considering the demographic, it just shows that your members/stakeholders have strong opinions about their preference between print and digital communications.

Is it possible to please everyone? Only if you’re committed (money, time, resources) to a multi-channel approach. Print-only or email-only just won’t cut it. I think this resource provides very solid advice on how to wade through the print vs. email (or both) decision. I’ve also been working on my easy-to-follow advice on print vs. email for presentations. I think this shows why a “both” strategy is absolutely essential.

Pros and Cons of Print and Email newsletters

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