Slay Like a Mother

To honor Mother’s Day, we are reviewing the book Slay Like a Mother: How to Destroy What’s Holding You Back So You Can Live the Life You Want by Katherine Wintsch. Her book helps you identify your dragon of self-doubt [...]

Change: How to Make Big Things Happen

Professor Damon Centola examines the science of how innovative ideas, movements, and behavior spread through social networks. His research dispels the myths of the influencer, ideas that go viral, and our natural inclination to make innovations stickier by demonstrating that [...]

Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity

In Post Corona, NYU Professor and serial entrepreneur Scott Galloway, predicts how the pandemic will reshape the business environment. For many brands in the post corona world, safety and survival are the main goals, but it may also mean rethinking [...]

The One Thing

The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results written by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan teaches how to deliver results by prioritizing a single task. At any given point in time, there is only one thing you [...]

Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility

Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility,” also called the Netflix Culture Memo, is the foundational living document of behaviors and skills written by Patty McCord, Netflix’s Chief Talent Officer and CEO, Reed Hastings. Initially developed as a set of 127 slides [...]

Business Made Simple

Miller’s 60-day guide details 10 areas where successful leaders and their businesses excel: character, leadership, personal productivity, business strategy, messaging, marketing, sales, negotiation, management, and execution. Each lesson coincides with a daily video found at businessmadesimple.com/daily to help teach all [...]


Jenyns identifies the four stages of business systemization as survival, stationary, scalable, and saleable. He then highlights his detailed SYSTEMology process designed to address the critical systems within your business, and teaches you how to organize, document, follow, and optimize [...]