Williams Whittle highlights their expertise in a new campaign for the Virginia Alliance for Private College Education. To enhance the visibility and accessibility of Virginia’s private colleges and universities, Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges (VFIC)Commonwealth Alliance for Rural Colleges (CARC), and Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia (CICV) joined forces to create the Alliance.

Virginia boasts an esteemed higher education landscape, including 29 accredited nonprofit colleges and universities dedicated to delivering personalized learning experiences. Yet, the challenge of affordability often deters prospective students and their families.

To address this concern, Williams Whittle, produced a multi-media public service announcement (PSA) campaign centered on the theme: “With a Virginia private college degree, no ambition is out of reach.” Through qualitative and quantitative research, WW crafted campaign messaging tailored to the Alliance’s primary target audiences, laying the groundwork for a compelling multi-media PSA campaign.

The campaign aims to educate prospective students and their families about the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG), a substantial initiative offering a $5,000 grant annually to in-state residents attending a private college within Virginia. The campaign’s PSA titled “Texting” shines a spotlight on VTAG and its role in enhancing accessibility to private college education.

VA Privates WW Blog Post

Virginia’s accredited nonprofit private institutions, including prestigious universities and specialized law, nursing, and pharmacy schools, collectively offer diverse and enriching educational opportunities. The Alliance’s initiative marks a significant stride towards amplifying the visibility and accessibility of quality private education in Virginia. Click here for more information about this campaign.