our approach

Exclusively targeting nonprofits requires a different approach, as nonprofits have different objectives than for-profit organizations. Nonprofits require campaigns that focus on raising awareness, increasing credibility, driving engagement, and mobilizing support.

Our advertising process is unique to the needs of our nonprofit clients.

The Insight

At the inception of every marketing effort, we first understand the “why” by leveraging research in our planning process. Data sheds light on your target audience’s intentions, motivations, and behavior.

The Audience

We then define the distinguishing characteristics of each target audience segment, prioritize them, and create targeted messaging.

The Strategy

The strategy is shaped around the key insight for each audience and a road map is developed with measurable KPIs that best serve your mission to provide clarity both internally and externally.

The Story

A nonprofit brand story has three parts. An emotion that is universally understood, a clearly stated problem that needs to be solved, and a way for you to get involved.

The Action

Taking action is unique to each nonprofit, but the key six are to Donate, Support, Volunteer, Educate, Advocate, and Share. We market your mission through paid, earned and owned media channels, track and monitor your campaigns, and make improvements in real-time.

The Impact

Everything is measured. We use analytics to track, monitor and report KPI data and dashboards enable us to see multiple data points in one place.

Our nonprofit clients are fighting against environmental degradation, fortifying communities against disasters and diseases, providing essential healthcare services, serving those who have served our country, and standing up for the disenfranchised. They’re making an undeniable impact, one initiative at a time.

Our Approach