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Public awareness and confidence is a critical indicator of legitimacy within the nonprofit sector. Simply, a donor wants to give to an organization that they know and trust.

Williams Whittle is exclusively in the business of finding new audiences for our nonprofit clients at a community, local, state, national, or even global level. We do this in three ways.

Branding. Storytelling. Activation.

We are in the ideas business. Ideas change culture, create movements, elect a president, start a revolution, and yes they sell products and services. Ideas resonate the most when nonprofits are telling authentic stories about donors, how their organization impacts lives, and how you can support them in their ongoing mission You’re a 501c3. People, corporations and the media want to help, even in the marketing of your brand. But they want to know the Big Picture, not just your tactics and expenses — your strategy.

Commercial marketers second biggest expenditure, after payroll, is buying media. Whereas, a nonprofit can get millions of dollars in media for free.

did you know that…

  • Nonprofits can get 25-50% off rate card with strong media negotiation.
  • Nonprofits can get $10K per month and up to $40K for those that qualify in Google Ad dollars free via a Google Grant.
  • Nonprofits can save 88% on postage by using an indicia.
  • Nonprofits can get free space in TV, radio, and print using public service announcements (PSAs).

There’s so much more. That is why Williams Whittle is a partner and champion to the nonprofits we serve. You concentrate on the cause, we will concentrate on you.

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