Through decades of nonprofit marketing experience and research, we have distilled 10 insights for nonprofits.

  1. Take advantage of your status.
    • 25-70% off rate card with strong media negotiation
    • Free space in TV, radio, print, and OOH using PSAs
      • 34% of donors have given as a result of a PSA according to our research
    • Google Ad Grants $10K per month
    • 88% savings on postage with an indicia
    • Discounts on online tools, courses, and products
  2. The mission is the motivator.
    • The #1 driving force behind donations is believing in the mission of the organization.
    • #2 is giving back to the community
    • #3 is having a personal connection to the cause
  3. The most persuasive marketing tool is a differentiating story that is easy to remember. 
  4. Emotion is the most important driver in donor intent.
  5. Individual success stories make the biggest impression.
    • Stories about individuals are nearly 2x more effective than stories about groups or data/charts/statistics.
  6. Simplify and make it easy to take action.
    • You have less than 10 seconds to grab attention.
    • Avoid industry jargon
  7. Localize it
    • Provide a local angle for the media
  8. Budgets go further with a mix of paid, earned and owned media.
  9. Stay relevant.
    • Awareness months, holidays, special events, or specially created time period provides a media hook to make your campaign newsworthy.
  10. Continually demonstrate tangible impact.
    • 72% of donors felt their gift made an impact, down 3% from last year.
    • Donors want to see a tangible benefit of their gift such as providing for community needs like food, clothing, shelter, childcare, medical research and disaster relief.

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