WHEN: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

Did we catch you during the afternoon slump? The #WWMediaClub recommendation for this week is all about timing. "This fast-paced book shows how to use science to make better daily decisions. Pink’s research demonstrates that each day has a peak, a trough [...]

Rethink the Business of Creativity

This week our #WWMediaClub pick is a book from our ICOM Network partner Rethink. “Rethink the Business of Creativity” is the new official textbook and must-read for all in the ad industry. Creatives will find inspiration in its tools for concepting. Account teams will find [...]

How to be Awesome

Our book club has expanded beyond just books, and this week we are recommending Pete Mockaitis' How to be Awesome at Your Job podcast. While morning commutes now consist of a walk into our living room, we are still making time [...]


Today we are featuring MasterClass. MasterClass offers paid online classes created for students of all skill levels with access to 80+ instructors on a wide range of topics, from writing and filmmaking to gardening and the culinary arts to business and [...]


Starting your week off with a #WWBookClub recommendation! Scott H Young's "Ultralearning" incorporates the latest research about the most effective learning methods and stories of other ultralearners. Photo credit- www.scotthyoung.com. This post is not sponsored or endorsed.

The Future Leader

This week the #WWBookClub recommends Jacob Morgan's "The Future Leader." The leadership skills and mindsets outlined in his book are informed by fascinating real-life interviews with CEOs and survey research from employees. Photo credit- thefutureorganization.com. This post is not sponsored or endorsed.

The Visual MBA

This week the WWBookClub is sharing their thoughts on Jason Barron's "The Visual MBA." Watch Barron's kids promote the book: Photo credit- thevisualmbabook.com. This post is not sponsored or endorsed.

The Infinite Game

This week our #WWBookClub creative got a refresh and we have a new recommendation to share with you. Simon Sinek's "The Infinite Game" is one that always inspires us to push business innovation beyond the status quo. Let us know if you have [...]

Obstacle is the Way

We are sharing another favorite from Ryan Holiday. If you loved "Stillness is Key" you will surely enjoy this companion book, "Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Truth of Turning Trials into Triumph". Both books are relatable and inspiring during these [...]

Stillness is Key

This week's book recommendation, "Stillness is Key", comes at a timely moment to read a calming look at stoicism in history and how these principles can be applied today. This book by Ryan Holiday is a companion book to another book [...]

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