2022 Annual PSA Director Survey

PSAs are an integral part of nonprofit marketing. Every year, we conduct a PSA survey and ask PSA Directors across the country what trends they are seeing and the impact they have on their ability to deliver free media placements for nonprofits. However, developing and producing one can be a challenge no matter the client. PSAs promote a nonprofit’s mission and effect change. By creating one with a message that appeals to your target audience and local residents, you can come closer to reaching your nonprofit’s goals and enacting change in your focus area.

We’re still seeing the effects of COVID-19, but there are many opportunities for your nonprofit to take advantage of when producing and placing a PSA! We have gathered several insights from our PSA Director Survey.

For example, more station contacts will be in the office, which gives you more opportunities to interact with them via email, phone and mail. PSA Directors receive less than 10 PSAs a week, yet there are usually 10-40 spaces available to air them. Additionally, more PSA Directors than ever indicate they are willing to run a PSA that asks for donations. By ensuring your message is not aligned with a for-profit company’s mission and goals, you can establish your nonprofit as a reliable organization while better guaranteeing a space in a major network. Local reach is also important. By reaching out to PSA Directors that are local to your target audience, this proves that your nonprofit is important and personal for the viewer.

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