12 Insights from PSA Directors

2023 Williams Whittle Annual PSA Director Survey

Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are one of the most effective (and easiest) ways your nonprofit can gain visibility and grow your base of supporters. In fact, our 2023 Annual Donor Survey shows that 34% of donations have been given as a result of a PSA.

PSAs have been on American airwaves for nearly 100 years, and the way people consume media has changed significantly. So has the way community affairs managers manage their airways for good.

This 12th annual PSA Preference Survey was distributed to approximately 2,248 TV and radio stations nationwide from our proprietary PSA database in February 2023. Every year, we ask PSA Directors what trends they are seeing and what impact that has on their ability to deliver free media placements for nonprofits. While some trends have remained the same, there are many opportunities for organizations to appeal to networks and stations.

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View our 2023 Annual PSA Director Survey or complete this form and download a PDF version.