2024 national donor survey
a guide for nonprofit professionals

2024 will be a unique year for charities and nonprofits. Not only are consumers still rebounding financially from the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is an election year. Charities and nonprofits will need to compete for contributions to maintain their good work. Understanding donor behavior is more critical than ever to nonprofit success.

Williams Whittle’s 2024 National Donor Survey provides an in-depth look at the giving habits, donation history, future giving intent, communication preferences and news consumption of U.S. donors. It also examines how the 2024 election will impact donations, and the implications for fundraising. Implemented in January 2024 in partnership with research firm KB Insights, the survey was directed to adults mirroring the census profiles of the United States by location and demographic characteristics (i.e., gender, age, income, ethnicity). Similar studies were conducted from 2020 to 2023, giving us the opportunity to view how trends have shifted over the last four years.

Here are the top 15 insights that can help you to understand changing donor sentiment and to shape your fundraising and marketing strategies in 2024:

1. Future giving plans are uncertain.
2. The Presidential election will impact giving.
3. Demonstration of impact will be crucial.
4. The mission is always the top motivator.
5. Evoking positive emotions is powerful.
6. Individual success stories make the biggest impression.
7. A local angle helps heighten the appeal of the nonprofit’s story.
8. Email fundraising is most desirable for donation requests, but differs by age.
9. Updates about the benefits of donations are most powerful.
10. Email is most appealing for on-going communications.
11. A strong social media presence is important.
12. Monthly or quarterly updates are most appealing.
13. One-third of respondents donated due to a PSA.
14. TV remains #1 as the main source of news.
15. Podcasts represent an increasing opportunity.

View our 2024 Williams Whittle Donor Survey or complete this form and download a PDF version.