Prior to interning at Williams Whittle, I can embarrassingly say the only thing I knew about marketing were the basics I learned in my Introduction to Marketing Class four years ago in college. However, after coming out of my internship with Williams Whittle, I can happily say I am quite knowledgeable on all things marketing and advertising thanks to the team at WW. I was originally drawn to the agency because of my interest in the nonprofit world. Williams Whittle applies the same values nonprofits carry into their day-to-day by providing a hands-on and experience-based approach. Instead of just being assigned grunt work from random employees, Williams Whittle went out of their way to ask me my areas of interests and what I wanted to take away from my time with them. 

When I started my internship, I was expecting to only be handling external projects. I had the expectations of attending client meetings and drafting content for partners and their clients. After a few months on the team, I realized there is so much more than client meetings when working at an advertising firm. One of the most important things Williams Whittle taught me is that first your firm must be well executed- then you can apply the same to clients. I was able to help with organizing Williams Whittle contact database, produce content for their social media and write blogs for the website. All of this allowed me to learn the internal movement of an agency. 

Through my internship, I was able to skillfully improve my writing and creativity skills. Most of the content I began producing throughout my internship duration were blog posts for the Williams Whittle website! The best thing about being assigned blog posts is the autonomy that comes along with it. Oftentimes, I was encouraged to come up with my own topics and really felt like I had free rein when writing. However, I was always given constructive criticism that at the end of the day, improved my skills as a writer. Research is a pivotal part to advertising and I was happy to expand my knowledge on so many nonprofits, marketing trends and overall advertising knowledge. 

I am extremely thankful to Willams Whittle and the devoted team for teaching me so much about the marketing and advertising world while setting the standard for how a firm should operate. They successfully trained me in a COVID-19 world which is never easy. Williams Whittle encourages creativity in every corner, even to their interns.