Branding is a set of marketing and communication methods that help distinguish a company from its competitors. We created this illustration to look like the solar system to represent all the elements of branding. If your brand is at the center of the solar system in this example, there are seven rings starting from the inside. From brand essence to brand positioning, and promise to the outside ring of brand equity – the value of your brand.

The Elements of Branding

The first ring is brand essence, the core characteristic which defines a brand. It is an intangible attribute that separates your brand from your competition’s brand by your audience. It is emotional and based on feelings.

Brand positioning is ‘why you do you exist?’

A brand promise is an extension of your positioning, the value or experience customers expect to receive every time they interact with you.

Value proposition is why a customer should buy your products/services.

Brand personality and voice are human characteristics attributed to a brand like trustworthiness, and reliable, which is used in your messaging.

Brand identity and system is your logo and tagline and brand guidelines.

Brand story is the narrative you want to tell in advertising.

Brand strategy is how you reach your audiences, the messages you use, the creative, and the media platforms.

The final ring is brand equity – all of these things together equal the value of your brand. A brand’s equity or value is based on a variety of elements like price premiums, lifetime value of your customers, customer retention, and loyalty factors.

Branding is a part of every single element of your business. A strong brand has focus. It stands for something.

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