When I first joined Williams Whittle, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. My background in advertising was limited and I never had professional experience in the industry. I was nervous that my skills wouldn’t be enough to contribute to the collaborative work environment. However, I quickly realized I was wrong. Working at Williams Whittle has given me a valuable glimpse into the fast-paced world of advertising and communications. I was given tasks that made me feel part of the team and allowed me to fully graspe the ins and outs of the advertising industry. From trending documents to crafting social media posts and blog posts, my internship experience has been both enlightening and rewarding.

One of the tasks I was involved in was working on a trending document for a specific client. This document provided insights into the latest developments in various industries, helping the client stay informed on the current market, and allowing them to make informed business decisions. The process required thorough research, strong understanding of the client, and attention to detail. Another aspect of my internship involved creating social media posts. These posts were small pieces that contributed to the overall brand presence to clients. Whether it was brainstorming ideas, crafting engaging captions, or selecting the right visuals, each post required careful consideration. It was satisfying to see these posts come to life and contribute to the online identity to the followers. For each assigned project, I thoroughly enjoyed how they made me feel like a valuable asset. Whether it was a challenging project that required in-depth research or a swift creation of a social media post, I can confidently say I have gained valuable experience in this profession. 


During my internship at Williams Whittle, I was fortunate to partake in various facets of the advertising world. The collaborative and encouraging team, hands-on assignments and the opportunity to actively engage in impactful initiatives, left me with a genuine learning experience. I received constructive guidance and feedback on all tasks which made me feel even more part of the team. As I move forward, I will carry the skills I’ve gained and the insights I’ve acquired during my time at Williams Whittle. Whether it’s understanding the significance of staying informed, honing my creativity in crafting content, or challenging my writing skills, my internship experience has provided a solid foundation for my future endeavors whereever that may be.