Since the beginning of college, I’ve known that I wanted to build a career in marketing. However, the aspect I am still navigating is what type of marketing I’d like to work in. In the past I’ve had internships in everything from beauty to higher education to tech and am still navigating the different sectors within marketing that interest me as I go into my junior year at NYU. Amid my career navigation, the opportunity to work with Williams Whittle has given me more of a sense of direction of where I want my career to go. 


Having never worked at an agency in the past, this summer I was pleasantly surprised by the sense of variety and exploration that agency-life gives to interns. WW allowed me to get my hands on a multitude of projects in different subjects, exposing me to different areas of advertising. My main focus this summer was on healthcare accounts, yet I was able to contribute to multiple new business presentations and projects in areas like nonprofit marketing, green marketing, and social impact. My favorite assignment was creating a 28-page healthcare market outlook for a client where I researched 2023 market trends to further inform the client’s priorities and competitive intelligence for their upcoming campaigns. This assignment helped me learn so much and now healthcare marketing is a vertical I am considering pursuing in the future! 


Under the leadership of WW President, Kelly Callahan-Poe, I was given the opportunity time and time again to significantly impact and give value to the projects I worked on. It is rare to find a role where interns are able to make such an impact on overall business and I am grateful for this rewarding experience.


The WW team fostered an environment that challenged interns and helped us reach our maximum potential. At WW, I developed skills in areas such as market research, data analysis and presentation, social media, copywriting and more, all contributing to clients in a variety of industries. Any intern, regardless of profession, could tell you the value of developing a diversified skill set –  Williams Whittle teaches this best. 


Having a couple of internships already under my belt prepared me with the foundational skills and knowledge needed for an internship, but WW went a step further. My experience this summer instilled in me not only a new versatile skill set, but also the confidence that whatever marketing vertical I decide to pursue in the future, I have the ability to make a significant impact and contribute to organizational success.