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A recap of our donor survey from Capitol Communicator can be found below.

In November 2020, Williams Whittle, in conjunction with research firm KB Insights, conducted a national survey of consumers matching the census profile of the United States by location and demographics (gender, age, income, ethnicity, marital status, and presence of children). The highlights of their donation history, future giving, and communication preferences are provided below.

Donation History

1. Mission is the #1 Motivator

The greatest national motivator for donations was a belief in the organization’s mission at 59%, followed by giving back to the community at 36%, and a personal connection to the cause at 31%.

2. Poverty/Human Services and Health Charities are the Two Most Favored Categories

Poverty/Human Services and Health Charities topped the list as the top two types of organizations people have donated to in the past. Animal charities came in third followed by faith-based entities. The same is true for future giving types.

3. Older Population Gives at a Greater Rate… and Gives More

Whereas 81% of all respondents have donated in the past, the 65+ category has donated at a higher rate, 91%. The median annual giving level is $251- $500 for all respondents. The 65+ population gives up to double that with a median giving level of $501-$1,000/year.

To view the full 2020 Donor Survey Click Here.