Williams Whittle is excited to announce our rebranding for AHC Inc., an affordable and mixed-income housing provider and developer in the Washington-Baltimore metro region. Our experience with other local affordable housing providers gave us the additional perspective that was needed for this rebranding.



After extensive client research was conducted, AHC Inc. was renamed to Affordable Homes & Communities (AHC). The new logo design and vision incorporated some of the research-backed keywords that make up AHC: resident-centric, supportive, compassionate and trustworthy. The colors were chosen to stand out against competitors and denote a trauma-informed perspective aligned with AHC’s new mission and vision.

Some of the materials created for the rebrand including: new website concepts, PowerPoint templates, newsletter templates and letterhead

With the new logo came the development of supplementary materials such as templates for documents, presentations and newsletters, as well as a logo animation video, website designs, and a Brand Book. These ensure a uniform look and feel while maintaining consistent messaging throughout all AHC communications.

AHC Brand Book

The Brand Book was developed to provide clear guidance to individuals using branded materials, assuring they align with the AHC’s core values. This includes specifications for the proper use of the logo and its various formats. Our partner, Sprocket, also created a logo animation to bring a dynamic touch to all of AHC’s digital communications channels.


“Williams Whittle knocked it out of the park with our rebrand. The new logo is fresh, modern, and differentiates us from our competitors. We are excited to continue working with Williams Whittle to build our brand story and expand our marketing efforts.” 

Jennifer K. Smith
Director of Communications
Affordable Homes & Communities

We look forward to AHC’s continued growth throughout the greater DMV and the positive impact they leave on the communities they serve.

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