Snail mail, that is. Not e-mail. We still use “old school” tactics when it’s appropriate—it’s actually one of the best ways to capture the attention of our target audience when promoting our client’s PSA (public service announcement) campaigns. No else is sending them cool mail, so we have the opportunity to stand out. On the other hand, we have to compete with the incredible amounts of junk mail that they receive and make sure we don’t end up in the trash. The challenge is to find something unique and eye-catching.

In January, we will be releasing our client’s PSA for Cancer Prevention Month (in February). The message is extremely impactful—through small everyday changes in your diet, controlling your weight and getting plenty of exercise (and not smoking) you can prevent 50% the most common cancers. If you watch the PSA, one of the main images we use is the word “CANCER” that gets ripped in half to reveal the word “CAN.” In the animation graphics, it perfectly illustrates our message. In print, it’s not as compelling without the movement. Until…drumroll please…we stumbled upon a lenticular postcard. We mailed them in clear envelopes with a standard stamp. Check it out.



Anyone can send your standard 6”x9” postcard, and there are times when that’s all you need, but for another client, we didn’t want it to just get read and put in the trash. With this mailer, they can read it, trash it and keep the magnet. See how it works.



Need some ideas for a mailer of your own? Most of the time, the creative idea drives the execution, but sometimes the final product can inspire the creative, like in the two examples I’ve shared here. Here are some ideas for your custom mailer: