In Post Corona, NYU Professor and serial entrepreneur Scott Galloway, predicts how the pandemic will reshape the business environment.

For many brands in the post corona world, safety and survival are the main goals, but it may also mean rethinking business models. For marketers, this means a much greater emphasis on data-driven digital, not just pulling back on traditional media and shifting to digital channels (mostly to Google and Facebook) and streaming audio and video, but also creating more efficiency for the customer such as an improved website or mobile experience.

Privacy will continue to be a big issue and Apple could lead the way in this arena if it separates from Google and launches or acquires its own search engine such as DuckDuckGo. Twitter could shift to a subscription model – Galloway suggests a fee-based model based on the number of followers.

With its massive collection of data, Amazon has been expected to move into the healthcare space for years, and it could start with insurance, followed by a network of healthcare providers all accessible via Alexa and tracked through Halo its fitness wearable. Prime could expand into Prime Health to give members access to the right physician, right now, at a lower cost, and the prescription could be delivered through Amazon’s own fulfillment, along with your COVID-19 vaccine.

Read about the potential transformations in higher ed on your own. It will give you hope for the next generation.

Photo Credit: Scott Galloway & goodreads