20 Nov 2019

The Data Series: How to Create a Website Analytics Dashboard

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Each month we track the performance of our client campaigns through data analysis. Using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube Ads Manager, we track data and present it visually in the form of a dashboard. Getting started creating a dashboard can be daunting, so we will share some […]

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29 Jan 2019

Marie Kondo Your Nonprofit Marketing

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If you haven’t already seen Netflix’s “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, you may want to set aside some binge-watching time to see for yourself why everyone you know is on a decluttering spree. To summarize, the show centers on Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant, as she helps families declutter their homes using her ‘KonMari’ […]

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19 Oct 2017

PSA Director Preference Survey

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Most nonprofits that have public service announcement (PSA) campaigns develop ads that deliver their most impactful message, get it in the hands of the media and **hope** it gets on air. Some nonprofits with long histories and track records of PSA placement feel confident that they will receive good coverage and newer nonprofits feel like […]

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24 Jul 2017

Actionable Digital Analytics That Matter

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Photo courtesy of Siteimprove. 2017 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference Recap In this digital and data driven world of marketing, it’s not easy to determine what metrics should be ranked higher over others. One of the most important beacons of brand identity is your organization’s website. To gain important knowledge of user engagement and key demographics […]

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21 Jul 2017

Content That Motivates In a Mobile-First World

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2017 AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference Recap Adva Priso of Anne Lewis Strategies and Jennifer Gmerek of Conservation International presented a session chock full of specific examples of content that motivates action. Ms. Priso believes that effective content must align with your “North Star” (i.e. what your organization represents) and tells the story that only you […]

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20 Dec 2016

5 Reasons to Invest in Nonprofit Communications

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Many communications blogs will tell you how to do nonprofit communications. I have even shared lots of tips and tricks (like this) about how to run an effective, lean communications department. However, we’re all competing for unrestricted funding (the birthday cake of the nonprofit budget) and we need to give clear reasons for why our […]

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5 Feb 2016

Why to Promote a Vanity URL and Redirect Traffic to Your Site

Digital Measurement

We marketers love a smart redirect. A vanity URL is a unique web address that does not have its own content, but redirects to another page. It allows us to track web traffic from campaign marketing materials and, with careful wording and a little luck in what URLs are available for purchase, the vanity URL […]

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5 Jan 2016

Create a nonprofit dashboard and get actionable results

Measurement Nonprofit

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about one of my favorite topics—dashboards. But this time, I’m offering a free dashboard template download. (Be patient, and keep reading. Link at the end!) Dashboards are a powerful tool for nonprofit marketers—they are a way to compile a lot of data into easy reading. And that is […]

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21 Jul 2015

ROI is not the same as measuring success

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I was randomly on Twitter scrolling my timeline last Sunday night and saw this: “ROI is not the same as measuring success.” It got me thinking. One of the benefits we offer our clients is that we use our years of for-profit marketing and advertising experience and apply it the nonprofit model. What works in […]

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