3 Dec 2019

With Gratitude

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#GivingTuesday is a time to pull back from the retail mayhem of #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday. As an international day of charitable giving, today is the day to give thanks. Most people choose to give thanks by donating to their favorite cause or nonprofit. Others express their gratitude or appreciation by making a personal phone call, […]

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16 Sep 2019

The Top 10 Ways to Get Millions in PSA Value

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Whether you’re new or not to the nonprofit space, I bet you’ve heard, “oh, you should create a public service announcement (PSA).” It’s because they are one of the very few marketing privileges for 501(c)(3)s. They look like ads, but the media run them for free. So, sure, you should take them up on this […]

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11 Oct 2018

Tips For Creating A Public Service Announcement And Getting It On Air

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Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are the most powerful communications channel available to a nonprofit marketer. Reaching millions of people with your message can be an extremely expensive proposition if you’re using paid media. But, the power of a PSA, when deployed and promoted correctly can be the most cost-effective outreach program. And the great news, […]

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19 Oct 2017

PSA Director Preference Survey

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Most nonprofits that have public service announcement (PSA) campaigns develop ads that deliver their most impactful message, get it in the hands of the media and **hope** it gets on air. Some nonprofits with long histories and track records of PSA placement feel confident that they will receive good coverage and newer nonprofits feel like […]

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6 Jan 2017

PSAs: What you can and can’t say


“What exactly can you say in a PSA (public service announcement)?” That is often the first question we are asked by clients thinking about utilizing a PSA in their marketing mix. Media outlets (TV, radio, print, online) will gladly donate their resources (airtime, etc.) if a PSA has the intention to change the public interest […]

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26 Sep 2016

A survey of PSA Directors


It’s 2016 and that means less copy and more pictures. The results from our annual survey of 1,500+ PSA Directors from around the country have been sliced and diced and put into an infographic. The basics haven’t changed, but there are some interesting takeaways. Don’t hesitate to double-click on the image above so you can […]

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7 Sep 2016

PSA spotlight: The girl empowerment movement


Some of my favorite PSAs are about the amazing (and worthy) movement created to help girls succeed in the 21st century.  I first wrote about a few (The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, Girl Effect, Girl Scouts and Day of the Girl) here back in 2012 just a few months after I had […]

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17 May 2016

Do awards really matter? By the way, we just won!


We are proud to announce that Williams Whittle, along with the American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR), has won top honors in the Public Service Announcement category at the 2016 PR News Nonprofit PR Awards. The awards honor those “holding the key to best practices in the nonprofit communications arena”—both the “smartest communications initiatives and […]

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13 Apr 2016

PSA exposure during an election year

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In presidential election years, the most frequently asked question we get is, “will my PSA see reduced airtime due to the November elections?” We’ve even heard of nonprofits completely forgoing a PSA during an election for fear that they will receive no airtime! Because Presidential elections come only once every four years, their impact on […]

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7 Apr 2016

Three Reasons You Should Be Using Videos in Your Content Marketing Strategy

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If you recently scrolled through Facebook or Twitter you probably saw about 15-20 videos in your feed.  You’ve probably seen everything from how to make one pan lasagna to Bao Bao rolling in the snow (in case you missed it). It seems like second nature to see videos now. So naturally, businesses have started to use […]

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